Fit our tracking technology into your product

Big or small we'll find a way to track your device

In addition to our existing tracker range we are able to take our hardware, software and platform and customize it to your requirements.

Some of our past applications include

  • Laptop tracking
  • Tablet tracking
  • PC & Server tracking
  • Television and monitor tracking
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Personal protection devices
  • Animal and livestock tracking

Servers are hosted locally with connectivity provided on a private APN to keep your data safe and costs low

We encourage clients to make use of a SIM chip to avoid tampering and removal.

As part of the design we are able to offer communication to and from wireless devices.

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  • High quality internal GSM and GPS antennas
  • Low power shutdown mode
  • Non-removable sim chip
  • Leading industry GSM and GPS modules
  • RF Beacon for indoor location
  • Tamper detection
  • Web-basedand mobile friendly
  • Notification of SMS and or Email for:
    * Wake-up and sleep
    * Tamper
    * Geofence violation
    * Battery status

Our designs specialize in keeping power consumption to a minimum, thus perfect for portable to fixed applications

Top Notch Web Base Tracking Panel

    Be automatically notified when the tracker:
  • is moved
  • returns to sleep mode
  • goes over speed
  • goes into NO-GO geo-fence areas
  • goes outside all GO geo-fences areas
  • failed to check-in
  • battery low
  • reaching of destination
Users also have access to elevation data which is useful when using the custom trackers

The Trova Tracking Panel is locally hosted, notifications can be SMS and/or Email

Trova Tracking Panel

Username: demo

Password: demo

Alternatively view our support and download for the Panel User Manual

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