Estate & Complex Security System

Localised monitoring is a concept that is slowly revolutionising the way monitoring is done in townhouse complexes and enclosed areas. Being able to react from a central point from within the area/complex greatly reduces reaction time. Eliminating the need for an external armed-response also greatly reduces the monthly costs bared by the area/complex.

The AMS is a system that will monitor up to 10,000 in-house users on a licence-free frequency. The system has a range of 3km (extended by the use of repeaters) which makes it perfect for townhouse complexes, business parks, apartments and enclosed suburban areas.

Each subscriber may install on their premises one of MAMI's extensive range of alarm panels or radio communicators.

In the event of an activation, panic, alarm, mains fail or battery low, the AMS base station will receive the signal.

    Once received the AMS can do the following:
  • Display the alarm on a mimic panel
  • Send an SMS warning the owner of the situation (alarm)
  • Interface with control room software
    The system is capable of monitoring the following:
  • Any existing alarms
  • Electric fence
  • Remote panics (fixed or portable)
  • Guard patrols
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  • Any existing alarm systems may be linked to the AMS
  • GSM / GPRS option available for unlimited range
  • Monitoring transmitters available in 4 and 8 channels with check-in signals
  • 12Vdc battery back-up

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