Guard Route Supervision

Wireless Guard Route Supervising System that may be linked to our License Free monitoring Base Station and Software. Real time monitoring and control of your guards for point to point supervision, failed to patrol, guard on and off duty, guard panic and other auxiliary inputs. The GRS can accommodate up to 16 wireless patrol points which can be with a check-in or check-in and panic functions.

Be notified immediately when a patrol has failed

Guards can carry a portable panic button to signal control room

Programmable rest time between patrols

Programmable random or sequential patrol

Programmable duration of patrol

Patrol viewing can be displayed on an external GRS display or MAMI's Base Station CRIME Monitoring Software

Reporting of Fail to patrol, points visited as well as panics pressed.

Up to 16 Wireless patrol points can be accommodated on this system. Points can be up to 3km from Base Station depending on terrain.

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  • Off-site Monitoring is available on VHF up to 30km away
  • Remote points do not require power as they have an internal 12V battery supply which can be changed periodically and recharged

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