Shopping Centre Security

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    Shopping center security systems
    Shop alarm & portable panic
    Local monitoring at centre control room
    Jamming detection
    Guard tracking & route supervision
    And Much More...
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    Evacuation and telemetry systems
    3km wireless range (license free)
    Individual or broadcast to points
    Evacuation confirmation to control room
    Panic/Emergency buttons at all points
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    Asset and personal tracking
    Locally hosted server
    Tracking of children and pets
    Intelligent power usage
    Guard tracking & man-down detection
    Do your own tracking

Jamming detection

Detection of jamming signals used to block car alarms, vehicle trackers and mobile phones. Early detection of frequency signal jamming preventing vehicle break-ins

Emergency Evacuation

Evacuation of patrons in the event of any life threatening situations

Panic, Medical, Fire & Burglar alarms

Retail stores having the ability to send a distress signal to the local control room on site for assistance

Portable panic

A portable panic/medical button can be carried by guards, shop owners, employees which will communicate directly to the control room.

All monitored at a security control room on-site.

The resident guards may now be used more effectively as they monitor and record all distress and emergency signals at a central point.

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