Trova C1

Entry level tracker with voice

The Trova C1 tracker is an ultra-thin personal tracker designed for people on the move.

The built-in microphone and speaker allows pre-programmed numbers to:

  • Listen-in
  • Call and communicate
  • Be called from the unit

Pressing the status button will announce the battery % through the speaker

Should the tracker go out of range of the GSM network, it will record up to 1000 points and then upload them as soon as it moves back into coverage

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  • Down to 20second updates
  • 48 hour stand-by,12 hour tracking
  • Mini-USB 5V charger
  • Lanyard

Top Notch Web Base Tracking Panel

    Be automatically notified when the tracker:
  • is moved
  • returns to sleep mode
  • goes over speed
  • goes into NO-GO geo-fence areas
  • goes outside all GO geo-fences areas
  • failed to check-in
  • battery low
  • reaching of destination
Users also have access to elevation data which is useful when using the Trova C1 for sporting activities

The Trova Tracking Panel is locally hosted, notifications can be SMS and/or Email

Trova Tracking Panel

Username: demo

Password: demo

Alternatively view our support and download for the Panel User Manual

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