Trova Q2

Versatile and compact tracker

The Q2 is an ideal personal tracker.

The Q2 Portable Tracker is a miniature GPS tracker.

With alerts like geo-fence boundary crossings, low battery, SIM card change alert and many other advanced reporting features, the Q2 is simply the most versatile tracker.

With a 900mAh Li-polymer battery, it is able to work for up to 6 days.


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  • Compact size
  • Up to 6 days battery life
  • Allow the location to be pinpointed accurately and rapidly
  • With a MIC & Speaker built-in it is ideal for two-way communication
  • Thumb sized button allowing urgent call during an emergency case
  • Alarm will be sent to nominated phone number if fall is detected
  • Notification will be sent should anyone try to remove the sim card
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