About Us

Who We Are

We are South Africa’s first and largest eCommerce marketplace dedicated to promoting and selling South African products and brands . We bring together multiple South African entrepreneurs; women and men who have committed themselves to boosting the local economy by manufacturing products locally, creating employment for the millions of South African youths.

Our attractively designed and user-friendly store-front which has been loaded with many useful and innovative features redefines and sets a new standard in online shopping making it easy and convenient even for people shopping online for the first time.

Our Story

Our story starts with two actuaries with an undying love for their homeland. These childhood friends realised how local industries and the South African economy were suffering due to the high consumption of imported goods in the local economy. Immediately, their entrepreneural spirit went into overdrive and they decided to start an online marketplace for all things South African.

That is how we came about. We were born to make shopping for South African made products easy and convenient so that online shoppers can find all their shopping needs for locally made goods under one roof.

We have gone out of our way in innovating, making us more than just a conventional online store-front but an online shopping destination laden with many useful features that make shopping with us easy and convenient even for those inexperienced with online shopping.

Our Beliefs

We believe that the best customer service we can offer our customers is to step into their shoes and design products and services that they will love and find useful. That is why at LocalSense we believe that we must love using our own products and features before our customers do.

Our organizational culture is built around a belief that great customer service is about giving our customers innovative features and services that make their online shopping easy and convenient. In order to achieve this, we don’t build our business on our own; we build our business by listening to our customers, adapting our solutions to meet their needs.

We listen

We are always ready to listen. If you have an idea for a new feature or change to sosobabies.com website and services, feel free to send us an email to: innovations@localsense.co.za