How To Shop

  1. Online Shopping Overview

Online shopping is by definition a platform that allows consumers to make purchases online with the convenience of shopping from their own comfort. It’s commonly referred to as e-commerce, online retail, internet shopping or the virtual store and can be used on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Online shopping is easy and is mostly safe. You will need a credit card or a debit card or a valid South African bank account to be able to shop on LocalSense.

The benefits of online shopping are numerous. These include:


Online stores are usually available 24 hours a day. This means that you can shop at a time that is convenient to you and from the comfort of your home or office.

Information and Reviews

With online stores, you get full descriptions of products for sale with text, photos, and multimedia files. In addition, you get links to supplemental product information, such as instructions, safety procedures, demonstrations, or manufacturer specifications. In other cases, you get background information, advice, or how-to guides designed to help you decide which product to buy. In the case of LocalSense, we allow customers to comment or rate the products they buy. These reviews will be used by other consumers when deciding on a purchase.

Price and Selection

One advantage of shopping on LocalSense is being able to quickly seek out deals for items provided by many different vendors. Product comparisons also make the process of shopping for a product easy and convenient for the consumer.

  1. Benefits of Shopping on LocalSense

Shopping on LocalSense gives you several advantages that other websites don’t:

  • We are an e-marketplace. We have an extensive range of products from our multiple sellers. This gives many benefits such as the ability to compare prices and features on various product offerings on a single platform.

  • Our marketplace was designed to be social media-friendly, meaning reaching out to friends and sharing products via Facebook or Twitter is always a touch away. You can easily use this feature to get input and feedback on a particular product before committing.

  • Sellers can set Daily, Weekly and Monthly deals. This presence you with an excellent opportunity to place your order when the price is lower. You can also follow these deals on social media.

  • Shopping for baby preparation using our prepared checklists integrated in the website could never be easier. With these lists, you can add them to your gift registry, share via email or social media, or checkout immediately. Checkout allows you to check-out a few items at a time depending on your budget and all checked out items are indicated on your shopping list for next time when you want to check-out a few more items.

  • Our easy to use gift registry provides you with superior functionality and you can share your gift registry via email, Facebook, twitter and other social media platforms Once someone has fulfilled a registry item, it is no longer available for others to buy the same item for you. With this registry, your friends can decide to ship to you or to themselves and bring it to you in person.

  • Consolidated shipment means that all sellers subscribe to one shipping and fulfilment policy. As a buyer, you will have one point for tracking your orders even after buying from multiple sellers.

  • Social media log-in allows for an easy sign-up process.

  • It’s a marketplace for professional sellers only; that is established retailers and registered businesses. We don’t sell products from individual sellers. This guarantees that all our products are new/factory sealed and all have the same LocalSense returns and refunds policy.

We have developed our website to make online shopping easy and convenient even for first time online shoppers.

  1. Searching and browsing for items to buy

You can use the Search Bar at the top of the LocalSense website. In here you can enter the product name, (eg nestle nan, pampers premium) or you can enter the product category (eg twin stroller, infant car seat) or even any other details you wish to search for. This will search the entire LocalSense website for products that match your search criteria.

In addition to the search bar, you can use the main categories pane to navigate to any particular category. The main categories pane is located on the left side of the main banner. Hovering on each category will open the browse nodes for each of the main categories. Clicking on each category loads all products that fall under that category and any applicable sub categories.

  1. View All Categories

To view all categories, simply click on the "All Categories" button which can be found at the bottom of the main categories pane. This will list all the categories available on the website up to Level 3. Additional Levels can be accessed by clicking on the Level 3 category which will load all the products for the Level 3 category and in addition, will display additional levels (up to Level 7) on the left pane of the loaded page.

  1. Configurable Products

Configurable products require additional information to be input before you finalise your order. For example, car sunshades may require you to enter the car make, model and year as these may be custom made for particular cars. All configurable products will request for additional information which you must provide before you finalise your order.

  1. Shopping Lists

Shopping lists make shopping for items that you buy on a recurring basis easy and convenient. Instead of doing a new search every time you want to buy, you can just create your shopping list so that each time you want to buy the same item, you open your shopping list and checkout.

Create a Shopping List

Creating a new shopping list is easy. Click on “My Shopping Lists” at the top of the LocalSense website to open your shopping lists. Select “New List”, fill in the required information and save your shopping list.

As you shop around the LocalSense website, each product page has a button that allows you to add an item to the shipping lists that you have saved. Another way to create a new shopping list is to simply select “Add to List” on a product page. This will open the “My Shopping Lists” page and you can add to an existing list or create a new one altogether.

Manage Shopping List

The “My Shopping Lists” page allows you to edit or delete a shopping list. Click on “My Shopping Lists” at the top of the LocalSense website and this will open a page with a list of your shopping lists. From here you can delete an entire shopping list or individual products from the shopping list.

Share a Shopping List

You can share your shopping list through any of the provided social media platforms like Facebook & Twitter and can also email the shopping list to your contacts.

  1. Shop for Baby Preparation

Shopping for your baby’s preparation has never been easy. Follow these easy steps:

Step 1: On the home screen, you will find three banners as follows:

  1. Shop Preparation Baby Boy

  2. Shop Preparation Baby Girl

  3. Shop Preparation Double Trouble

Step 2: When you click on one of these banners, quick view will open with 4 options. The example below is for “Shop Preparation Baby Boy”:








Compare Packages





Our packages have been designed to help you get started with shopping for your baby’s preparation. We have three carefully compiled checklists for your baby preparation needs:

  • Standard: This package has the most basic of needs for your baby’s preparation.

  • Premium: This package includes some essentials that are not in the standard package. These are extras that will make the first year of parenting a breeze.

  • Plus: The Plus packages are a hybrid between the standard and premium packages.

Step 3: Clicking on any of these selections will open the package contents for the standard, plus and premium or compare packages.

To get a good idea of the contents of each package, it’s best to start by comparing the packages before going to Step 4 below.

Step 4: Customizing the selected package.

There are two kinds of customisation that are available:

  • Adding or removing sub-categories. This means that you can take off categories (eg remove Bibs and Burp Cloths) or add some categories (eg add Rompers) to your shopping list. To remove a category, click on the green tick, and to add a category onto your shopping list, simply click on the red “X”, .

  • Selecting the actual brand to buy within a category. Here you will work through the entire package and the different categories and pick the actual product or brand that you want to buy for each category.

Step 5: Checkout

Once you are done customising your shopping list and filling it up with your products, you can either save your shopping list, or checkout immediately. You can also share your shopping list via email or social media and can choose which products to checkout from your list without necessarily having to check out the entire package. Once something has been checked out, there is an indicator that shows which items have been checked out. You also have the option to add your preparation shopping list to a gift registry.

  1. Gift Registries

Gift Registry are a great way of letting your friends and family know about the gifts you wish them to buy for your baby.

When you hover your mouse on the gift registry tab, the following list of options will appear:

  • Create Your Registry

  • Manage Your Registry

  • Find a Registry

Creating Your Registry

When you click on the create registry option, you will be navigated to the create registry page, in this page, you will need to capture the following details:

  • Gift Registry Title: Name of the gift registry

  • First Name: Your first name

  • Last Name: Your last name

  • Email ID: To which mail ID, you want to receive the gift registry notifications

  • Event Name: Name of the event

  • Event Date: Event planned date

  • Event Location: Location of the event

  • Message for Registry Guests: You can type the message which you want to display for the other users who are viewing your gift registry.

  • Shipping Address: Address to which the products must be delivered to

  • Photo: You can upload the registry photo using this field.

Registry Status

You can mark the registry as public or private. If you mark the registry as public, then the registry will be displayed once any other user searches using either your first name or last name. If you mark your registry as private then other users can search for your gift registry by typing your gift registry ID.

Once the registry has been created, the id for the particular registry will created automatically.

In your gift registry page, you will have links to the following:

Your Registry: Here you will find the list of products which have been added to the registry.

Registry Information: Here you will find the information which you entered when creating the gift registry. In this section, you will be able to edit the available information.

Tell About Your Registry: Here you will be able to share your gift registry via Facebook, Twitter or email.

Guest View of Your Registry: Here you will be able to view your gift registry from another user’s perspective.

Finding a gift registry

When you click on the ‘Find registry’ option, you will be navigated to the search registry page. In this page, you will be able to search by:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Registry ID

Based on the keyword you used for your search, the results matching the type keywords will be displayed. From the search results, you can select the required registry and do the shopping.

  1. Wishlists

Create Wish List

Wish lists are a great way to mark products you would like to order in the future. You may also use wish lists to track any discounts or deals on a product you would like to order. Creating a Wish List is simple, on the individual product page, simple click on Add to WISHLIST to add a product to the Wishlist.

Opening you Wishlist

You can click on "My Wishlist" at the top of the LocalSense website to view the products in your Wishlist. Once opened, you can add the products in your Wishlist to your cart and checkout, you may delete them, share with friends or even add more products to your current Wishlist.

  1. Sharing products

LocalSense offers you 4 ways to share your favourite products with your friends and family. On each individual product page, there are 4 buttons that allow you to:

Email to a Friend

Share on Facebook

Share on Twitter

Share with Google+

These are great ways to get input and feedback from your friends and family before you order any product.

  1. Payments

We accept the following forms of payment: Visa, MasterCard, Instant EFT or Mobicred. You will be able to pay for your order on checkout.

Once you have selected your payment method you will be directed to a link to a secure site for payment of the applicable purchase price for the Goods.

Where payment is made by credit card, we may require additional information in order to authorise and/or verify the validity of payment.

  1. Delivery

Consolidated Shipment

If your order contains more than 1 item, whether from the same seller or from different sellers, we consolidate and ship your order in one shipment.

Delivery Times

  • We deliver from Monday to Friday, between 08:00 and 17:00.

  • Deliveries will take place 1 – 3 working days from when your order has been placed and paid for.

  • We will use our best efforts to effect deliveries within the above stated time and will promptly inform you if there are any delays.

  • Currently we do not deliver on weekends and public holidays.

  • For verification purposes, the person accepting delivery at the delivery address may be required to produce a form of identification.

Delivery Fees

Our delivery fees differ from seller to seller and the relevant delivery fee will be calculated on checkout. 

Paying for Delivery Fees

You will pay for any applicable delivery fees on checkout. This means that we will never instruct the courier to ask for any money from you.

Delivery Scheduling

We currently do not offer our buyers the capability to schedule delivery dates and times. The delivery scheduling is generated from our system and we will notify you of the date on which your order is scheduled for delivery to you.

Order Tracking

When your order ships, the courier, ship date, and estimated delivery date for your package will be listed in your account can be found in your shipment confirmation e-mail. In addition to sending you constant updates regarding your shipment, we will also provide you with a tracking number for your shipment so that you can track your package by clicking the Track Order link in your account.

  1. Discounts

The amount of discount offered on a product is another great way of making sure that you get the best deal. Once you have made up your mind about a product you wish to order, check if there are any discounts currently being offered for that product. The bigger the discount, the more money you save on your order.

  1. Managing your Orders

Cancel Items or Orders

You may cancel your order prior to the point at which you receive a notification that it has been scheduled for delivery. Should you wish to return the product thereafter, you can do so in accordance with our Returns Policy.

To cancel a complete order that has already been paid for, please email us at If the order has not yet been paid for, it can simply be cancelled.

If it has been paid for, you have the option of a store credit or a full refund.

Change Your Order Information

We do not guarantee that you will be able to change your order information such as your delivery address. Also, you will not be able to change your delivery address once your order has been assigned to a courier.

Prior to that, you may be able to change your delivery address by sending an email to

Contact Third-Party Sellers

We have provided the contact details of our third-party sellers. We have strict rules regarding the type of contact that can be established between buyers and sellers. Buyers and sellers may communicate with one another only for the purposes of orders related to listings on LocalSense. Any other communication is prohibited.

Update your order

Currently we do not offer the option to update your order by adding or removing items from your order. This means that once you have finalised and paid for your order, you will not be able to add or remove items from your order. If you so wish, you may cancel the existing order and place a new one or simply place a new order with the additional items you wish to purchase.

  1. Returns

Requesting a return is really straightforward. All you have to do is:

Step 1: Navigate to your order history and click open an order

Step 2: Choose one or several products

Step 3: Select reason and package condition

Step 4: Add message and an optional attachment

Step 5: Agree to our returns policy.

Partial Returns

There is a possibility of returning one product out of group order or even out of bundle purchase.

Once your return is received and inspected, we will send you an email to notify you that we have received your returned item. We will also notify you of the approval or rejection of your refund. If you are approved, you are given the option of a replacement, an exchange or a refund. If you choose a replacement or an exchange, the new item will be shipped to the same address as the original one. If you wish to change the address, you may contact If you have chosen a refund, then your refund will be processed, and a credit will automatically be applied to your credit card or original method of payment, within a certain amount of days.

  1. Product Comparisons

Add to compare

A great way to get the best value for money on any order is to make sure that you do adequate research and comparisons before you place your order. On LocalSense, we give you the functionality to compare products side by side. All you have to do is go on a product's page and click on "Add to COMPARE".

View Comparison

Once you have the full list of all the products you wish to compare, just click on the "Compare" button and the products will be shown side by side giving you a convenient way to compare products before placing any order. This is a great way of making sure that you have adequate information to make an informed order.

  1. Getting the Best Deal

On LocalSense, our sellers will from time to time offer deals which expire in a day, in a week or in a month. Go to "Deals". The "Deals" button is located at the top of the website.

Once you are on the Deals page, you can filter by the period to view Deals that are available "Today", "This Week" or "This Month".

Deals are a great way of making sure you get your products at a significantly lower price.

  1. Looking for a product that we currently don’t sell?

We have an extensive range of products on offer on LocalSense. However, in the unlikely case that you cannot find what you are looking for, send us an email at Give a detailed description of the product and attach images or links for the product (either from the manufacturer or from overseas sellers). We will notify our sellers who, based on their own analysis of the demand for the product, will source it for you.

  1. Help with assembling a product.

We currently do not offer any services to help with installations. We encourage you to check the product's installation manual first for instructions on assembling the product. If you still find difficulties understanding the manual, you can check for installation videos on the internet. In the case where you still struggle with installation, you may contact the manufacturer of the product for telephonic help with the installation.

  1. Cross-selling and complimentary products.

On each product page, where applicable we will show you complimentary products for the product you are viewing. Complimentary products, if available, will be shown in the space below the current product that you are viewing. Some products such as electric toys will require batteries. Check the product's description to see if you will need batteries.