LocalSense Pricing

Listing Fees

There are no listing fees.

Monthly Subscription Fees

There are no monthly subscription fees.

Success Fees

Success fees vary for each seller (up to a maximum of 15%) and in most cases depend on the number of products on offer as well as the account status

Our success fees are based on the Final Sale Price (FSP)/Final Offer Value (FOV). FOV is the VAT inclusive amount that the buyer paid to you for the item sold excluding the shipping fee. For example, if your product sold for R150 and shipping costs R20, your Final Value Fee (FVF) charge would be calculated based on an FOV of R150 . The shipping fee is considered a seperate charge and is set at 0 for FVF calculations.

Additional Notes

All fees are automatically deducted and the net sell proceeds are transferred to the seller’s account.

Where we do the fulfilment for you, the shipping fee is the charge for shipping from our fulfillment centre to the buyer and excludes the costs of shipping your merchandise to our fulfillment centre.

Fulfilment Fees

In order to provide our buyers with a seamless customer experience, we require that all products sold are shipped to our shipping and fulfilment withing 2 days of having been notified of the sale. You must arrange for and pay for courier fees for your products to reach our fulfillment centre. There are no other fulfilment fees (these would normally cover customer service, storage, picking, packing and dispatch of your sold items).

Getting Paid

After an order has been placed, LocalSense payments process the payment from the buyer and credits the net proceeds from the sale to your seller account. Keep in mind that refunds to buyers, selling fees, and other transactions are debited against amounts credited to your account from sales.

The funds in your seller account for orders completed and delivered by Sunday 17:00 CAT will be automatically transferred to your bank account every Tuesday. Depending on who you bank with, funds may reflect in your account the following day. You may request early transfers of funds, a maximum of twice every month meaning that funds may be transferred from your seller account to your bank account a maximum of 6 times per month. For sellers whose accounts are less than 3 months old, LocalSense payments may hold a reserve of 10% in your seller account to cover refunds or other claims against your sales transactions.

To receive funds, you must provide us with a valid South African bank account.

LocalSense will not transfer money from your seller account to your bank account where the balance is lower than the transfer transaction fees.

Premium Listing Service Fees

Promote your items with our premium listing service. These listings will be featured on dedicated sections of the website as outlined below.

“Main Banner” Section: Your item listing will be featured in one of 3 available spaces on the Main Banner. R 100
“In Spotlight” Section (Default Product Shown First): Your item listing will be featured in the section “In Spotlight”, to the right of the main banner. This is the product that will be shown first by default whenever the homepage is loaded. R 75
“In Spotlight” Section (Second and Subsequent Products): Your item listing will be featured in the section “In Spotlight”, next to the main banner. These products will be shown when the user clicks the “Next” button. R 50
“Special Promotions” Section: Feature in the Special Promotions Section of the website R 50

Except for “Special Promotions” which lasts for 30 Days, all other listing enhancements last 14 days.

All premium listing service fees are payable upfront.